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I am a passionate celebrator of this beautiful thing called motherhood, from bump, birth and beyond. Becoming a mum at age 16 I really have never known much else, and it is undoubtedly a huge part of my identity.

A self taught photographer, I started my venture in a way to explore my own motherhood journey. I wanted to document mums in their most natural and rawest form. It is really important to me to get mums away from hiding behind a camera and get in the frame.


One day all your children will have is a photograph of you... Make sure you're in them.

A lot of my work is inspired by my journey to loving my postpartum body. There is really nothing more glorious than a body that has homed and nourished a child. I am currently on a mission to put together a powerful series of incredible women embracing their postpartum bodies (see here). This project is so close to my heart, it means a lot to me to be able to show my teenage daughter these beautiful, real bodies. Stretch marks, breasts and soft bellies are all things that need to be normalised and I hope 

I adore... skin on skin, baby yawns, milky drunkness, golden hour, trips to the beach, walks in the autumn, belly laughs.


Family means so much to me. I am a mum of three. A strong and independent teenager Keira, a toddler that absolutely loves everything pink Arlo, and a butt shuffling fiery red head that will literally head butt you in the nose if you do something she doesn’t like, Nora. Documenting them growing up is something I love to do. 

Fun fact… Most children of photographers absolutely hate having their photos taken. Mine are included. You will never see a nicely put together photo of my children in beautiful clothing that is all colour coordinated. As much as I would love that to happen it just never goes well for me with my own. Meet them here in my honest family photo album


the motherhood project

The motherhood project, photography by Manchester based newborn photographer Bethany Morris. Specialising in newborn photography, maternity photography, motherhood photography and family photography. Lifestyle newborn and motherhood photographer serving Manchester and the north west. 

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