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Manchester maternity photography - What to wear to your Manchester maternity photoshoot.

So you're planning your maternity photoshoot but you're not quite sure what to wear. Here are some of my top wardrobe tips taken straight from my client guide. Please feel free to use them to help plan the perfect outfit for your maternity session and leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

I want your Manchester maternity photoshoot to have a timeless feel so that you look back at it in years to come with love and fondness. These are your heirlooms after all.

The most important thing about what you choose to wear is that it should reflect your style and personality. That being said. Here are my top tips for what to wear during your Manchester maternity photography session.

A Floaty dress.

Dresses come in many shapes and styles, but for a maternity photoshoot, we want some movement—something that can be taken by the wind. Think ethereal goddess!

Top tip: Choose a dress that buttons down. Easy bump access as we can leave the top fastened and have your beautiful bump out!

A Two-piece.

A two piece is a great way to flash your gorgeous bump. It is the main event of your maternity photoshoot after all. Whether you choose a top with a skirt or pants and a blazer, I'm here for it all! Effortlessly chic for the win.

A Robe

Bring a bit of drama. Robes can be worn with underwear or nude underneath. It shows off your bump beautifully with a luxurious feel. The drape will add movement and the fabric will contour your bump perfectly. I love a robe for maternity photography.

Go Nude

Why not? your body is growing a human! How amazing is that? Let's honour her with a beautiful documentation. I know I know nude sounds scary but no one has to see the outcome! The perfect way to immortalise your pregnancy.


For those that hate all things floaty, why not go for some open jeans and a shirt? I love this look and it compliments any backdrop too.

I usually allow time for 2-3 outfit changes during my maternity photography sessions.

Aditional tips.

  • Sticking to neutral tones and staying away from prints will ensure you complement your location surroundings.

  • Co-ordinate. Don't match with your family/partner. Complimenting neutral tones and natural fabrics go beautifully together.

  • Accessorise thoughtfully. Remember we're going for a timeless look. Small personal jewellery is perfect but try to avoid large watches and chipped nails as your hands will be in focus.

  • Book a maternity photography session with me and get access to my ever-growing client closet.

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