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Newborn photoshoot with siblings at home in Manchester.

I recently had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful, in-home newborn photoshoot in Manchester for a returning client. 

This cosy in-home newborn photoshoot was wildly different to our first meeting, during an outdoor family photoshoot in the Peak District back in January 2021 but the moments we captured are just as magical. (LINK) 

It really is the best feeling ever when clients love their photos so much, they hire me again to document their growing family. I have to say it was so lovely meeting their new addition. At the time of this session, baby was around 6 weeks old and was just about beginning to smile. Unlike studio sessions, in-home newborn sessions don’t really have a time limit. Newborn photoshoots are perfect at any age so even if you feel like you’ve left it too late please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can assure you that any age we document, will be cherished memories to look back on.

I often get asked if siblings are allowed to join in during newborn photoshoots, the answer is always yes! I like to describe my work as lifestyle photography. I’m documenting your individual family story and siblings are a huge part of that. Don’t worry about them not wanting to hold the baby or pose in a certain way. I often feel like the most natural interactions and best photo opportunities come from letting them do their thing. Just give me all of the wild siblings and let me document them exactly how they are. If you are anything like me you will much prefer to look back at photographs that show all of their little quirks and personality instead of ones where they have been forced into a pose.

This Manchester newborn photoshoot was fast-paced and eventful from beginning to end. Not only did we have a big sis, a wild and wonderful toddler running the show, we also had a crazy pup thrown into the mix. Don't worry though, I thrive in environments like this because honestly, it reminds me of home. These are the kind of photoshoots I truly love to do. 

Just look at how the gallery turned out. 

Ready to book your own newborn photoshoot? All you need to do is get in touch, you can either fill out this form or email me.

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